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Meet the Playday Staff

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Toddler Team

Amazingly energetic and dedicated, our toddler team launches children on their Playday journey. The toddler teacher, Ms. Lynnette, and her assistant, Ms. Lisa, lovingly and patiently help our youngest friends become successful students.

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The Twos
4 Day Team


Loved by students and parents alike, the twos team teaches with knowledge, enthusiasm and joy. This team provides a nurturing and fun Playday experience. Ms. Jenn, Ms. Brittany, and Ms. Katie are our dedicated teachers. Ms. Gabby is our awesome assistant.

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The Twos
2 Day Teachers

Parents may choose either a 2 day or a 4 day option for our two year old experience. Ms. Sharon and Ms. Laurie run our two day class.

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The Threes Teachers

Our awesome threes team helps the children develop academic knowledge and independent skills as they move to a more structured classroom. The teachers, Ms. Angie, Ms. Michelle, Ms. Nancy, and Ms. Elvia lovingly guide the children towards success in school.

Ms. Elvia also serves as our Spanish teacher for our 4s and 5s classes.

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The Threes Assistants

Ms. Dana, Ms. April, and Ms. Crystal are our fabulous assistants.

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The Fours Team

Fun and exciting activities are always planned by our fabulous four year old team of certified educators.  Ms. Adrianne, Ms. Kim, Ms. Kelly, and our assistant Ms. Cindy design days rich in academic, social, fine motor and large motor skills. These experiences help preparing our students for kindergarten and provide the foundation for future school success.  Ms. Cindy also serves as our school Librarian.

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The Fives Team

Ms. Debbie, our Transitional Kindergarten teacher, is dedicated to giving our young 5s an extra year of encouragement and growth before they begin their kindergarten experience.

Our kindergarten program, taught by Ms. Heather, offers an academic TEKS based curriculum coupled with smaller class sizes and individual attention while still being a part of our Playday family.

Ms. Jenn and Ms. Brie provide support for our 5s classes. Ms. Brie also coordinates our outdoor classroom and Ms. Jenn runs our STEAM center.

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The Specials Teachers

Ms. Liz is our music teacher and our certified Yoga instructor and movement teacher. She loves leading the children as they grow in their self-confidence and expression through different music mediums. Her yoga instruction gives kids a safe, fun and playful way to improve coordination, strength, attention, self-awareness and language development. 

Ms. Wendi is our Specials assistant. She brings such joy to our program with her enthusiasm and expertise! 

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All School Support

Ms. Lisa brings years of experience to our school. She works to support students who need extra attention. She also manages any needed outside services (Speech, OT, etc.) that  our children get while at our school.

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Office Staff

Playday's office staff is here to help you and your children have a fantastic school experience.  Our door is always open! Ms. Trish serves as our Director, Ms. April is our Assistant Director, Ms. Kara is our Financial Manager, and Ms. Kellie is our wonderful all-school assistant. We welcome you to Playday!

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