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lucian playdough


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centers blocks (6)

lucian playdough
lucian playdough

Our Mission

Children's Creative Playday is a learn-through-play experience for preschoolers' age eighteen months to six years.  Originally developed out of a community need for a quality preschool, the program has grown into an important ministry of the First United Methodist Church of Allen.  Our program runs September through May.  Classes are Monday through Thursday 9:00 am until 1:45 pm.


The educational philosophy of Children's Creative Playday is based on meeting the individual needs of each child.  Our goal is to provide a warm, loving and safe environment in which children can grow and learn.

Nursery School

Developed to provide:
    Christian Experiences

Opportunities for successful learning experiences in:
    Language & listening activities
    Creative art activities
    Dramatic play centers
    Manipulative materials
    Problem solving exercises
    Science activities
    Development of large & small motor skills
    Body coordination rhythmic activities
    Music time

 Creative movement time
    Children's chapel
    In-house field trips

About Us

Playday is a carefully planned, quality Christian
program that provides opportunities for 
successful learning experiences.  Our 
curriculum, Zoo-phonics, includes language and 
pre-reading development, science and math 
discovery, creative art opportunities, development of 
motor skills and coordination, imagination 
enrichment and social interactions that develop 
life long communication skills.

Children enjoy music class, creative movement class 
and Chapel time each week.  Music includes instruments, 
movement, traditional and current songs, etc... The Creative 
Movement class is a structured movement class which 
develops large motor skills needed for proper physical development.  
Chapel is 15 minutes of Bible Stories and Christian Values.

Kids in Preschool

emma parish D
emma parish D


Kids in Preschool

Nursery School

Playday is licensed as a day care facility through the Texas Health and Human Services Commission.
 Playday admits children of any race, color, nationality and/or ethnicity to all the rights,
privileges, programs and activities available to students at preschool. While Playday is a Christian preschool, we welcome all faiths. We do not discriminate
on the basis of race, color, nationality or ethnicity in our educational policies, admissions,
policies, or financial assistance.